Plaster Cornice and Coving

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Ceiling Projection
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  • Medium Art Deco Cornice


    Length: 3m
    Wall Depth: 120mm
    Projection: 120mm
  • Large Art Deco Cornice


    Length: 3m
    Wall Depth: 90mm
    Projection: 170mm
  • Small 4 Step Art Deco Cornice


    Length: 3m
    Wall Depth: 85mm
    Projection: 100mm
  • Extra Large Art Deco Cornice


    Length: 3m
    Wall Depth: 130mm
    Projection: 200mm
  • Medium Art Deco Cove Cornice


    Length: 3m
    Wall Depth: 160mm
    Projection: 140mm
  • Large Stepped Art Deco Cornice


    Length: 3m
    Wall Depth: 185mm
    Projection: 215mm
  • Large 3 Step Art Deco Ceiling Cornice


    Length: 3m
    Wall Depth: 65mm
    Projection: 200mm
  • Medium 3 Step Art Deco Ceiling Cornice


    Length: 3m
    Wall Depth: 90mm
    Projection: 170mm

Adding plaster cornice and coving to your room can instantly add character and elegance. By hiding the harsh juncture between ceiling and wall you can transform a room. It conceals uneven plastering or unsightly cracks that often form in this junction as the house settles over time.

Our plaster cornice and coving are handmade to order in our workshop in Norwich. We have a variety of period styles to choose from. Our range includes traditional Georgian and Victorian era profiles. This can add and restore period features to your project. If your project is more contemporary, we also offer modern and art deco designs. This can suit a more refined taste.

We also have a mixture of plain and ornate styles such as Floral, Leaf, Egg and Dart, Dentil Block,

Before selecting a design, you should consider which dimensions and pattern suits the scale and style of your room best. We recommend surveying the room. This will identify if there are any restrictions to work around such as high windows and door frames, before making any decisions.

You can also add some extra class to your room by selecting a decorative ceiling rose to match your cornice design.

Our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have or can provide advice on your project requirements. To get in touch, please contact us on 01603 980444 or by using the contact form on our contact page.

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