Large Floral Frieze


Product Specification:

Wall Depth: 275mm

Ceiling Projection: 50mm

Length: 3m

Period: Victorian
Style: Floral

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Supply-Only Price

£50.40 inc VAT (£42.00 exc VAT)

*Price above excludes delivery

About our Large Floral Frieze

The Large Floral Frieze is a decorative cornice with a floral frieze enrichment. This profile fits either across the ceiling or down the wall making the Large Floral Frieze suitable for rooms of a medium to large size and a modest or tall ceiling height.

If you are looking to add a sense of sophistication and elegance to your home then Victorian Cornices are a great choice. Well suited to a modern home this decorative Large Floral Frieze is a great choice to decorate the top of your walls and create a traditional feel to a space.

Adding decoration to the Wall and ceiling is essential to elevating the status and feel of a room and adding Victorian cornice is a simple way to hide the imperfect seam between the wall and ceiling, whilst adding character to a room.

The Victorian period ranges from 1830-1901 under the rule of Queen Victoria I. For more information on the Victorian era please visit our Architectural Styles guide.

All of our plaster mouldings are handmade by our skilled craftsmen at our Norwich workshop using the finest materials and traditional methods. This product is available on a supply only basis or as part of a supply and installation service carried out by our team of skilled installers.

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